Our outstanding performance is reflected in the completion of a large number of projects covering all aspects of engineering and construction works.

The following selection of recent projects reflects MRK's capabilities and the diversity of its work.


Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and commissioning of a Master Control Room (PMCR) by unifying two existing control rooms.

The project construction involves:

  • Construction of a blast proof Process Master Control Room (PMCR);
  • Replacement of aged conventional control panel type instrumentation and controls for the onshore crude oil production facilities with a sophisticated Honeywell TDC-3000 Distributed Process Control System (DPCS);
  • Renewal of existing data transmission and monitoring system for the onshore fire protection system by introduction of an optical Fire Protection Data Communication System (FPDCS) and fire monitor stations with visual display units;
  • Installation of Installation of Tank Gauging System and integration into new DPCS;
  • Installation of Two Wire Control System and integration into new DPCS;
  • Relocation of offshore SCADA to PMCR;
  • Installation of power distribution system and upgrading of switchgears;
  • Installation of 10 & 100 KVA Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS);
  • Installation of communication antenna towers and Paging System;
  • Relocation of Radio Systems &  CCTV System;
  • Installation of HVAC system at the PMCR.
  • Desalter Plant upgrade involving piping, equipment installation, civil, instrument and electrical works;
  • Common facility upgrade such as tanks area, underground cables, systems integration, central substation and utilities;
  • Tie-in joint works, hot tapping & installation of stopple plugs.

Start Date: 09/97- Completion Date: 08/00


LSTK Project involving design, engineering, procure, install, test and commission a 155 Mbps Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) fiber optic system. The project includes installation of ALCATEL SDH system;  install, test and commission all intrabuilding Voice and Data Cabling connectivity components, installation of new digital telephone switch (NORTHERN TELECOM Meridian SL-1, Option 61), installation of ERICSSON’s UHF/VHF Radio systems, EF JOHNSON’s handheld radios, communication antenna towers, BP SOLAR’s solar power systems, LORAIN’s DC power systems, NRD’s passive cooled shelters, NEWBRIDGE NETWORK’s Intelligent Multiplexer,  AT&T  fiber optic cables and ESSEX copper cables.

Start Date: 11/96- Completion Date: 05/99