Position         : Mechanical Projects Engineer

 Reporting to : Head of Department or Lead Engineer(For direction on                             specific projects)


    Contruction / pre Commissioning and commissioning:
  • To oversee critical equipment installation and to coordinate and arrange appropriate documentation / specialist vendor assistance as required.
  • To ensure redlines, as-built, Operation and maintenance documentation and othe project completion documentation is duty completed and submitted.

    Design :
  • To review design criteria reports, drawing control listings, sequence of design deliverables, compliance of design deliverables with standards and specifications.
  • To attend technical meetings with subcontractors and clients to chair these meetings where required.
  • To oversee and prepare contractual submittals

    Procurement :
  • To oversee and prepare "request for quotation" packages with procurement department.
  • To review proposals for materials for compliances with the requirement of the contract.
  • To be involved in equipment inspection as required prior ot the accepatance.