Position         : Project Engineer

 Reporting to : Project Manager

 Supervises   : Assigned Staff

 Authority     :

  • Approval of all man-hours charged to projects on timesheets.
  • Primarily responsible for the successful completion of assigned projects, meeting the company’s contractual obligations and the clients’ requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure direct, effective and timely communications of requests for action , response to requests, routine reporting and important information to management, head of department, lead engineers and all supervised staff.
  • Be fully aware of the contract, scope of work, budget and schedule for all assigned projects.
  • Ensure that all scope of work, budget and schedule are known, understood and adhered to by all supervised staff.
  • Coordinate preparation of all overtime requests and material requisitions.
  • Review and concurrence of petty cash expenses claim and business travel requests.
  • Assist the quality manager in production of a project quality plan, issue to the client and relevant staff and monitor adherence to its requirements.
  • Implement and maintain a coordinated and consistent project filing system.
  • Monitor overall productivity and efficiency of each department, forecast trends and anticipate potential problems and difficulties meeting milestones or budgets coordinate with management, head of departments and lead engineers to resolve problems.
  • Monitor adherence to the contract and scope of work, identify variations in a timely manner, whether initiated by client or internally. Obtain client’s approval of direction and any impact upon the project budget or schedule prior to implementation.
  • Conduct meetings with project staff with effective communications clarifying project requirements. Follow-up to ensure a clear understanding.
  • Conduct meeting with clients and third parties, involving project staff as required, to communicate and clarify interfaces, requests, decisions, approvals, proposals, status, responses, etc.
  • Coordinate requirements between departments, with clients and third parties.
  • Coordinate establishment and accurate maintenance of the schedule and any other control tools and reports necessary for successful project execution.
  • Act as Training Supervisor and/or conduct training for project management staff under the direction of the training manager.
  • Prepare weekly short term resource requirement reports.
  • Participate in routine coordination meetings with management and heads of departments to resolve imminent resourcing difficulties.
  • Negotiate revised milestones with client when necessary, to suit available resources.
  • Plan and participate in quality audits in cooperation with the quality manager.
  • Prepare all requisitions to subcontract project work considered to be outside of company capability or ability to undertake within project schedule.
  • Coordinate, monitor and where necessary, supervise all subcontracted work.
  • Coordinate and actively participate in the review and resolution of complex and major design issues.
  • Coordinate performance of non-deliverable activities as required by project scope of work such as studies, surveys, reviews etc.
  • Prepare construction contracts and general requirements section of construction specifications.
  • Participate in the squad check of all design deliverables, reviewing format, presentation, consistency, level of detail and general design content.
  • Produce accurate and informative weekly internal and client project status reports and communicate potential problems to management.
  • Maintain project performance records and management.
  • Implement and maintain good client relations.
  • Obtain client’s approval for all necessary overtime on the unit rate projects.
  • Provide project management support to the procurement department.
  • Coordinate assessment of effort to bid and preparation of assigned proposals for new projects and variation orders on assigned projects. Review man-hour estimates for reasonableness. Review proposed deliverables and tasks for necessity, completeness and duplication between departments. Prepare project management and control man-hour estimates. Review client’s contracts and advise management of requirements outside of the standard company contract. Coordinate production of a list of necessary assumptions and exclusions. Coordinate performance of a risk analysis on large and complex projects.
  • Conduct project contract reviews at time of award, but prior to acceptance of contract.
  • Adhere to company quality system and project management policies and procedures.
  • Participate in the performance assessment of supervised staff when requested.
  • Be fully aware of, and implement where appropriate, the latest international and national standards, codes of practice and requirements of “good general practice” for all work performed.
  • Act as head of department, lead engineer or design engineer when requested by the management.
  • Act as quality engineer when required.
  • As project engineer for one or more projects, aim to maintain a target of 95% of personal time billable to projects.
  • Review company policies, procedures and practices to establish ways to increase the motivation and/or boost the morale of all assigned staff. Make recommendations to management where a change is beneficial and economically justified.
  • Initiate timely invoicing on projects via finance division and expedite outstanding unpaid invoices with the client. Advise management when problems are anticipated or irresolvable.
  • Maintain a record of important communications for reference as required.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by management.