Position         : Project Manager (All Disciplines)

 Reporting to : Sr. Projects Manager

 Supervises   : Assigned Staff

  • Execution of projects; meeting MRK’s contractual obligations and clients’ requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure direct, effective and timely communications of requests for actions, responses to clients’ requests, routine reporting and important information to the head of department, other lead engineers and all supervised staff.
  • Monitor overall productivity and efficiency of all supervised staff on projects; coordinate with Heads of department and other lead engineers to resolve project related issues.
  • Ensure adherence to the contract, scope of work; identify variations in a timely manner, whether initiated by the client or internally. Obtain head of department’s approval of directions and any impact upon the project budget or schedule prior to implementation.
  • Implement and maintain productivity targets for all supervised staff.
  • Maintain productivity statistics for regular work within all the project management and control departments and for routine types of projects as a whole.
  • Implement and maintain coordinated internal reporting procedures and conduct routine weekly meetings with all supervised staff to monitor the company’s performance, reporting to the management.
  • Prepare weekly and monthly overall summary project status reports for the management.
  • Prepare monthly project performance records for management.
  • Assignment of all supervised staff to projects, ensuring optimization of staff deployment. Implement the temporary assignment of supervised staff in alternative positions of employment where necessary or beneficial.
  • Prepare long term resource loading reports for all active projects for management.
  • Prepare weekly short term resource allocation reports for the project management and control departments.
  • Participate in routine weekly coordination meetings with management, project managers and heads of department to resolve imminent difficulties.
  • Be fully aware of, and implement where appropriate, the latest international and national standards, codes of practice and requirements of “good engineering practice” for all work performed.
  • Perform any other duties assigned by management.